Operating Manual for Floating in Space (2019)
The great vastness of space.
The nullity of the rock we inhabit.
The energy that infinitely flows.

An unbelievable force yet rare and fragile. We spin, we zip, we orbit - but we wish to float. The tectonics of our energy forms the elementary nature of our existence. We lie on the surface, navigating our position in the universal scheme, trying to grasp our fleeting presence in and around this rock. What does it feel like? How do we get there? How did it get here? Have we arrived?

We invite each and everyone to experience this continuous happening of natural phenomena for one night only. There will be waves of manually driven movements, sounds, propulsions, voices, music, initiated and/or caused by each participant.

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Make a circle
Hold each others hands
Lean back
Breathe collectively
Close your eyes

One performer leans forward, standing  
Another performer climbs on first performer
Third performer holds a microphone
Second performer starts vocalising
Switch positions every now and then

Grab a stick and balance your forehead on it
Lift your arms up to the back  
Wiggle your fingers