Method (VR) (2018)

An exercise created to research group dynamic within a structured choreography.
The actions performed focus on reaching a higher awareness through repetition of movement.
Method is a VR experience and is shot on 360-degrees, giving the opportunity to let the spectator
immerse fully within the meditative state and space of the performers.
During the first showing of the film, spectators watched the performance inside
the cocoon like 'Method Viewer'.

Performers: Bergur Thomas Anderson, Jan Herman de Boer, Marthe van de Grift, Amaad Khan,
Ingrid in der Maur, Anniek Mol, Helia Rafie, Michiel Teeuw and Lotte Wiersema.

Photo documentation: Lisa Jasperina Bommerson
Watch the film here
This project was made possible by Het Resort

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