island (2017)
In this work the audience activated the performers by reading cards with instructions written on them. All instructions are based on reaching a higher state of awareness of the self through continuous movement of the body. While the audience had the option to choose an action, the performers decided the duration and intensity of each action in the course of twenty-four hours. 

Scroll down for all operations. 

Close your eyes
Inhale collectively
Release through the voice
Repeat, 10 times

Body weight
Form a line
First performer steps forward and lies down
Second performer steps forward and lies down on first performer  
Third performer steps forward and lies down on second performer
Breathe in and out collectively  

Collective clap
Close your eyes
Focus on each other
Clap collectively for 30 times
Finish together
When not reached start over again

Tilt your head back
Open your mouth
Breathe deeply towards your arms
Inhale, lift your heels Exhale, put your heels down
End when the weight becomes unbearable