Without warning, an impromptu performance disrupted a club night, bringing all lights and sounds to an abrupt halt. In the ensuing silence, a spotlight roamed the room until it settled on a choir that had begun chanting in unison. As the spotlight illuminated their faces, the choir slowly smirked and continued singing for just one minute before the spotlight extinguished and they left the stage. The club night then resumed its normal course, undisturbed by the choir's brief interruption.


Starring: Ratri Notosudirdjo, Emirhakin, Theo Dietz, Sebas Gubbels, Phylicia Gilijamse, Oriana Rose, Arthur Jules, Sammy-Rae Niekoop, Jesse Blaauw, Magdalena Petrova, and Seulbin Roh
Documentation: Tibor Dieters
Venue: DOOR Open Space
Performed on January 13, 2023