A catalogue of 50 scores drawn from seven years of performances. Rooted in the idea that play is central to culture, these scores guide participants through diverse actions and imaginative exercises.
The Storm
Short film following the journey of eleven individuals as they ascend a staircase, transporting them to an alternate reality.
A club night was abruptly halted by a singing choir, bringing all lights and sounds to a sudden stop. The choir, illuminated by a spotlight, slowly smirked as they chanted for one minute until the spotlight extinguished and they disappeared.
Move on the wooden grid at a slow pace, using both hands and feet. Rest on ceramic fungi once the operation is completed.
A four-hour performance piece revolving around the idea of 'slowness' in response to the acceleration of a rapidly forward-moving world. Rather than following a script, the performers engage in slow motion, fully focused on the present moment. An emergent choreography arises, whose full movements may only be grasped if the witness also endures. The live score of Sunkiss will be released in September 2024.
Operating Manual for Floating in Space

A performance researching the ecstasy of our existence through manually operating a sequence of bodily movements. The live registration of the performance was released as a soundtrack in 2020. 
This project involved researching balance and focused movements across various landscapes while traveling. The scores created during this journey were later presented as an open performance, where the audience was invited to participate.
The audience activated this performance by reading movement-scores to the performers. While the audience could choose from a range of actions, the performers controlled the duration and intensity of each action over a total period of twenty-four hours.