Moab, Utah, 2018

Evolver is a performance platform that explores self-awareness through conscious bodily movement using open-source methodology. Audience members are encouraged to actively participate by following instructions on provided cards which score repeating movements and emphasizing concentration, focus, determination, strength, and mindfulness.

Traveler ︎︎︎ Host Evolver

Performance set up, March 2018.

Choose a set of instructions from this website or mix various sets together. Create an energy field on the floor with tape and invite participants. Secure at least 45 minutes of performance time. This is needed to reach the potential of the actions. The space is a silent area during the performance. For questions please email.


Inhale and exhale, deeply
Find a focus point
Stretch your left leg backwards
Go to a neutral position
Stretch your right leg backwards
Focus on breathing
Repeat action


Inhale and exhale, deeply
Close your eyes  
Inhale, deeply and raise your arms
Exhale, bend forward
Swing arms to front and back twice
Repeat action


Close your eyes
Bend your knees  
Bring your elbow creases by the ears
Inhale, deeply
Exhale, deeply
Repeat action


Inhale and exhale, deeply
Close your eyes
Spread your arms left to right
Stretch your hands
Move your hands up and down
Vary with speed
End when the movement becomes impossible