In Endless, the audience used an app to determine the direction of the performance. Perched two meters high, the performers were guided by a voice-over that directed them through a series of twenty-one operations varying in intensity, harmony, endurance, and teamwork.

At the touch of a button, a group of performers moves synchronously according to predetermined patterns, as if they were in an app. Even  though I suspected the work was a reaction to the coldness and dehumanization that comes with digital life, it made me pleased - albeit I wasn't sure why. The performers' unwavering concentration while performing showed an enviable form of being in the here and now  that no mindfulness could match with. If the artist is referring to digital society, he does not stop at a sarcastic criticism, but instead offers a vital alternative: an intense, shared bodily experience for both performers and spectators. — Marc van Dijk, Mister Motley
Performers Kid Feng, Mylan Hoezen, Angelos Messios, Nathalie Roux and Michiel Teeuw
Soundtrack Ryan J Raffa
Documentation Studio Wolphi
Stage construction Mylan Hoezen
Location Prospects & Concepts 2020, Art Rotterdam
Support Mondriaan Fonds